How often do you change the battery in your watch

On average, an inexpensive quartz watch requires a yearly BUTTON battery change to keep its accuracy. Each watch design uses a different amount of power.
There are some Seiko watches however, that boast a TEN-year battery life, but that comes with either using a very large and expensive Li-Ion battery.

Make sure to replace your watch battery (or at least remove it) as soon as it runs out. If you don’t replace it quickly, the battery may start to leak and could permanently damage the watch movement.

Depending on the quality of battery used, your replacement should last up to 18 months; the lower the quality of battery brand and the longer the battery has been stored before fitting will greatly affect its life expectancy. Here at Terrifant Watches, we only use the highest quality Swiss Renata batteries with the freshest dates to ensure that you are receiving the best watch battery. We also guarantee the life of your replacement for 12 months from the date of purchase and will replace this for you free of charge if it’s faulty. We offer this as a while you wait service. If the battery in your watch lasts less than 12 months, it’s probably time to consider getting the movement serviced.

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