How to Set A Watch; Do & Don’ts

There are just a couple basic rules to remember: 1) don’t turn the hands counterclockwise; and 2) don’t change the date within 3 hours of midnight.

How to Set a Watch the Right Way: Pull the crown out to its second position (unscrewing it first, if necessary) to set the time. If it’s the kind of movement that stops the seconds hand (“hacking”), you may want to wait until it reaches zero — you know, just for OCD precision’s sake. Then turn the hands clockwise to set the time — this is often (but not always) , done by turning the crown towards yourself.

When the time approaches midnight, you may notice that the date disc appears to be gearing up for the change, and that it sometimes doesn’t actually click over until, say, 15 minutes past the hour. That is the case for many watches, ufor example, Naviforce F9090 though some higher-end ones have dates that change instantaneously at midnight.

For a watch with calendar,when adjusting the date, set the date one day in advance first , after that adjust to the date you want by turning hour hand. It can avoid mixing up day and night if not adjust the calendar directly.

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