What to consider when changing a watch battery

The difference between watch batteries is marked by their chemical compositions. It follows that the watch battery you choose can comprise of Silver Oxide, Lithium, or Alkaline chemical compositions. Most Lithium button batteries have a power capacity of 3 volts. Others are 2 volts so you may have to pay attention to the power capacity during the replacement.

Alkaline button batteries are 1.5 volts strong. The same goes for the Silver Oxide varieties. Lithium watch batteries are commendable for heavy power consuming watches. You can tell that a watch battery belongs to the Lithium family by looking at the prefix CR and BR. The prefix is usually followed by a number. SR or SG connotes a Silver Oxide battery while the alkaline varieties are marked by L and LR prefixes.

Remember to consider battery life as well. For example, a 40 mAh battery can provide 40 milliamps per hour or 20 milliamps in a timeframe of 2 hours. Buy your battery from a stockiest who understands watch batteries as a watch battery’s shelf life is determined by the temperature at which it is stored.…

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