How to Identify a Fake Watch

Authentic Watches Quality

Alot of big-name luxury companies take a lot of precautions while manufacturing their watches, like using high-quality materials and engraving each timepiece with a serial code. With careful consideration and research, you can confidently purchase a nice watch.

Look for obvious mistakes or defects on the watch. Note that quality designer watches for example seiko 4t57-00j0 are made using very strict quality standards, which makes peeling paint, scratches, or misspelled words very unlikely. Additionally, check to make sure that the clasp works, and that the watch itself can keep time well.[1]

  • For example, some fake Michael Kors watches leave out the “S”.
  • Many low-quality Rolex fakes have badly centered crown stamps.[2]

Familiarize yourself with different brand designs. Comb through online auction result databases to learn information about the watch you want to purchase. On these databases, look for photos of designer watches as well as the prices they’re sold for.[5] Similarly, study the manufacturer’s typical design style and become familiar with the brand trademarks, common bracelet details, and the band. If you know what to look for, you likely won’t be fooled by a fake.[6]

  • For example, with the exception of a rare model made in the 1930s, Rolex watches don’t have glass backs. Instead, they have a metal backing.[7]
  • Tag Heuer always includes a “Swiss Made” caption along the bottom of the watch face.[8]
  • Rolex watches have a “Cyclops,” or small glass square on the face that makes the date look larger.[9]

Hold the watch to make sure it’s heavy. Keep in mind that genuine designer watches are crafted with precious metals and have a lot of small moving parts. Because of this, the watch will feel slightly heavier than it looks. However, if the watch is fake, it will be surprisingly light.[4]

  • If possible, compare the weight between any watch you consider buying and a verified genuine model. They should be the same weight.
  • For instance, if your designer watch feels feather-light, there’s a good chance that it’s counterfeit.

You’re highly unlikely to come across a watch from an established brand at an extremely reduced rate – pieces from the likes of Rolex and Omega are worth every penny and those who spend good money on them know this. So be realistic when it comes to potential discounts.

Buying a watch
 today can be a bewildering experience

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